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Dedicated to providing an educational foundation to children


Each day at Granny Betty‘s Daycare & Learning Center Inc. our center director and staff  focuses on ensuring that we achieve successful outcomes for all children, families and the community.

Our philosophy is simple, “it’s that every child in our care has the best possible experience each and every day through a nurturing and educational environment”.

At Granny Betty‘s Daycare & Learning Center Inc. we aim to:

Provide opportunities for children to learn, through social interactions, to develop and build strong, meaningful relationships with the providers and their parents.

Respect the choices and decisions made by each child, and value the differences each individual brings to our community.

Foster trusting and caring relationships between staff and parents, and support parents as they balance work and family life.

Provide qualified, experienced and motivated providers who are responsive to children’s interest and needs, and are there to guide, facilitate and support children’s learning and development.

Create a stimulating environment where children learn through play, and present learning programs that include both planned and spontaneous experiences.


About Us


professionalism and standards

Our centers are licensed and under the strict guidelines of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.  We strive to provide each family with the assurance that we follow the guidelines in the standards provided by DCFS.  

We also take part in the Healthy Child and Family Nutritional guidelines through the USDA food program.


Creative Curriculum


The overall curriculum at Granny Betty‘s Daycare & Learning Center Inc. is designed to offer your child a warm and nurturing environment as he/she learns to socialize with other children through play as well as Creative Curriculum. Within this environment, we strive to build each child’s self-esteem as a basis for future happiness and ability to learn. Our curriculum is filled with “hands on” experiences that stimulate the development of a child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual skills. Further, our program strives to foster independence as it guides a child to self-discipline.


Our Mission


Granny Betty‘s Daycare & Learning Center Inc. is a multicultural, faith-based (Christian) childcare and preschool center. Our mission is to provide a pathway to learning for all young children. We aid them in developing a positive self-image, and through our child focused programming, we foster a joy for learning. The opportunity to learn is introduced through developmentally appropriate activities designed to develop skills in the areas of social, physical, and cognitive growth. This opportunity is available to all children and their families, and is presented in a warm and accepting environment that encourages a sense of security and trust.

We believe all children deserve an equal opportunity to learn and develop to their greatest potential. Children learn in a positive, nurturing, stimulating environment where they’re encouraged to solve problems, be independent, satisfy their natural curiosities, make choices, and understand the impact their actions have on others. “Thoughtful Play” is productive play that develops self-esteem and cognitive skills. We believe that an eclectic approach to education provides the opportunity for a balance between adult and child initiated activities. 

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Parent Involvement


Parent involvement is an important part of our well balanced, family oriented program. We have an open door policy in which you are welcome to visit any time and encouraged to participate in activities. Our goal is to become partners with your family in our common goal of providing quality education and care for your child. We want you to feel comfortable with our staff and free to make suggestions regarding your child’s education and daily routine during his or her membership in our program. 

Granny Betty's Daycare

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